Can not go to installation screen

I am a newbie to piwik. I heasrd about this awesome product and now trying to install it on my webserver.
I use Oracle HTTP server and copied the unzipped piwik folder over to htdocs folder. But when i am trying to access that thorugh my web browser and seeing a weird error.


You are not authorized to access the requested resource.[/b]

I have foolowed all the pre req’s like copying the files to the webserver htdocs folder by using binary transfer type. Please help me here as i am stuck.

Web server : Oracle HTTP server
OS: RHEL 5.6


Can you check your web server error logs for some information?

Or contact your webhost

does your hosting environment require a .htaccess file in there root folder? Can you see other folders within the httdocs folder that are parallel to the piwik folder?

if you can attach the server configuration file … httpd.conf we could take a look

Thanks all. I have some errors updating httpd.conf file. I have updated the PHP info correctly on httpd.conf and everythin’s good.

Thanks again :slight_smile: