Can I use Piwik for non web analytic data?

Pretend that I have a mySQL database with a bunch of amusement park data. (entrance, food, beverage, ride stats, etc) Has anyone plugged some data like this into the amazing front end reporting that Piwik provides?

I know it’s not web data, so I’m curious if anyone has experience here. Or maybe this idea is documented somewhere?

  • Kev

Yes we have done some things like this, and would like to work on this kind of features further, but we miss time and funding. Piwik tracks people & actions with custom values. Pretty much anything can be mapped and this is also an ultimate goal. Get in touch if you can help us!! :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear this is something your team thinks about. Where would be the best place to get started on something like this?

The idea that I have in mind is to compile some data on Fantasy and give a fantasy league some ability to run reports on certain players / teams / match ups / years, etc to try and uncover so cool insights. I’m hoping the Yahoo or ESPN API lets us plug into that, but right now I am interested in just playing around with some dataset that I have. Once I get that prototype working, I’ll be more than happy to express my interest level in contributing to the project!

  • Kev