Can I use database other than MySQL or MariaDB?

If I go ahead with the approach of setting up Piwik on my own web
server, will I have to use only MySQL DB or MariaDB? Can’t I use any
other database?

No. It is planned for the future to support other database but it is not possible at the moment.

Lots of code is mysql-specific. I am very open to assisting and/or leading the project to port it to postgresql. (Once we do that, it should be easy to extend to Oracle, DB2, etc).

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Hi @otheus

if you want to lead the Postgresql conversion project, you are very welcome to get started! we will not work on this directly but will be happy to assist you with the refactoring. Only start this project if you are familiar w/ refactoring (or ready to learn!) as there will be a lot of them needed :slight_smile: but it is definitely technically possible to do this and it would be a great new feature for Piwik :+1:


Crawling the file I’ve found the evidence of Redis.
It’s this the experimental stuff :gift: ?

I might have time in April.