can I limit the columns returned by the API for getVisitInformationPerServerTime

I tried doing this but it does not change the output (I broke the url up to format it better):


I am looking to just get a couple of columns so I can directly graph the output in another website that reads the data directly from the url

I’d actually like to expand this a bit…

With the above example you get all the attributes that UserSettings.getBrowserType has but I am only interested in the label and the unique visitor count… any way to only get those returned? I can query the database directly but would rather not…


No, you have to download and then only keep the data you need.

thanks… it might be a nice enhancement to the api… I found a way to only use the columns I want but thats not always possible…

See our new page, which lists the various limits on historical data, number of websites, users, database size, when using Piwik: Data Limits Analytics