Can a user create new site on HIS account?

Hello all !

Well I cannot find that in help, I surely dont use correct keywords.

But how an existing user can create new sites on his account ? Is that possible ?

thanks :slight_smile:

On Matomo Cloud, or on premises?

oh sorry

on my personal server :slight_smile:

What do you mean “on HIS account”?

On matomo there are users, accessing some site stats. But this user cannot add a new site on his matomo account, it seems, or did not find the way to allow that :slight_smile:

In order to be able to create new sites, a user must be… Administrator! (But, then he will be able do manage all kind of sites: add, update, delete…)

I see.
Ok, hope that can be implemented one day :wink:

thanks !

I don’t know how you would manage this, as if you give sites management to “simple” users, they would be able to do anything… ?

not “anything”, but at least create their own site/sites, a Token.

That could be an additionnal module, user management enhanced. I understand this is for our own sites, but in fact not. All my custumers sites are on it (not a lot, near 80) but I have to manually create users, manage rights site by site.

Well, a king of “almost” public service…

You can ask for a new feature on the Matomo GitHub repo:

Or else develop:

And then share:

Your own plugin :wink: