Campaigns via PHP API

the basic functions and the ecommerce tools from piwik works perfect, but the campaign tracking dosn’t work. where i can find the method for reading campaign in the url?

my url is XXX Sex - Free Porn Movies - Porno Videos on

but piwik don’t register/recieved the campaign.

Thanks for help


It will only count for NEW visitors, so when you are testing make sure you test with a new browser and new visit?

i found the information in the database / table piwik_log_action:

idaction = 106
name = de/Laufbaender-522838219?pk_campaign=Test&pk_kwd=Werner
hash = 2924895502
type = 4

but in piwik i can’t find any campaign.

in the database/table piwik_log_visit i found this entry:
referer_url =

but the rows referer_name und the referer_keyword are empty.



referer_url =

But the campaign parameters should be set, on the landing page rather than the referrer URL ?

the link is calling the landingpage, i don’t know why piwik save this link as referer url, with the javascript tracking the campaigns working correctly, but we don’t want to use the javascript api.

Thanks, Werner