Campaigns doesn't work

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I have tried to track campaigns, but it does not show me any results.

My links are like this:

http:// - Seite nicht gefunden

I use the 0.4.5 version, is there any bug, or are there other things to check?

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During your campaign tracking testing, take this in consideration:

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  • Are your pages tagged correctly?

Yes, I can see the piwik tracking code just before the tag.

  • Are you using a redirect on your landing page?

There is no redirect.

  • Piwik only records 1 referer by visit, which means that only the first referer used to access the website will be recorded.

But piwik records nothing. I have tried with different IPs and I have tested it with real campaigns and real (different) customers which came to my website. I can see the customers in piwik, but not in the campaigns section.

(vipsoft) #4

IIRC, the campaign parameters have to be in the referer url. Maybe we should also allow the campaign parameters to be in the landing page url?

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Oh, so I have tested it in a wrong way. I always tried it with the landing page, so piwik is right.
But it would be a good idea to allow also to use it with the landing page.
Thanks, I will try it again.

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sorry, same problem again.


Just tested from Froogle with this link, but no result in the campaign section :frowning:

(vipsoft) #7

I think you have to change the first ampersand to a question mark, otherwise those query parameters are considered part of the query path (PATH_INFO).

(AS-N) #8

Maybe this is the problem? All slashs after “product_info.php” are no slashs they are question marks and ampersands.
This is a osCommerce shop and I use search engine optimized links.
So there are also other tags in this URL, not only piwik tags.

(Matthieu Aubry) #9

Tracking Campaigns (newsletter, paid ads, display ads, affiliates, etc.) is now available!