Campaign won't be created/used?


I just created two landing pages. I changed a picture and the link of the landing pages (which points to one product in my shop). Now I’d like to figure out, which campaign sells more products (should work, right?)

The links are:

Now we tried it from two different IPs/computers to order this product via the landing pages.
I can see the visitors in the live log/dashboard but there is no campaign created.

Did I do anything wrong?


Hi there,

See Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hello Matt,

thank you.
I’ve been double checking everything:

  1. Code is inserted and points to the correct page.
  2. Is not within an iframe
  3. It’s sitting right before
  4. Not using any redirect
  5. All links don’t contain “www.”
  6. No http - https redirect

So … since I can’t find any mistakes, maybe it’s a usage priciple.

I’ve got the campaign parameter on: ( ) and on: ( )
but I’ve got the normal piwik tracking code on all sites:
page1.html, page2.html and site.html
will this prevent the campaign from working?

Next thing: Will the campaign be created automatically? And if so - does that happen right away after the first visit?
(as the documentation says, it should be created automatically)

I asked some people to open
directly, without passing by page1 or 2 - but I still don’t see a campaign :-S

Thank you :slight_smile:

It will only track as campaign if the first page you open was the URL

It’s strange that your friends who didnt visit your site today were not tracked properly, it should work…

Now it worked :slight_smile: … it just seems as if it won’t show the results immediately.