Campaign Tracking vs Search Engine Attribution

I’ve been looking into how referral information is handled and wanted to verify something:

If the referrer is search, the visit log shows:

referer_type = 2, referer_name=“Google”, referer_keyword = “Some Keyword”

If it’s a tagged campaign, it will show:

referer_type = 6, referer_name=“Campaign”, referer_keyword = “Campaign Keyword”

But what if a search keyword links to a URL that is tagged with campaign keywords? Will Piwik record this as a Search referral or Campaign referral, or will it show up as both somehow?


If it is both Search AND campaign tagged link, Piwik will attribute the referrer to the campaign.

By design we only attribute campaign OR website OR search. This might change after Piwik 2.0 but not in the short term

Good news, we have released a new feature for Marketing Channels Attribution Reporting. You can learn more about it here: Multi Channel Conversion Attribution - Analytics Platform - Piwik

Multi Channel Conversion Attribution, also known as Cross Channel Attribution, lets you assign a value to each visit prior to a conversion or prior to a sale. By default, Piwik lets you only know the referrer of the last non-direct visit when a conversion happens. However, in reality, multiple channels contribute to a conversion as a visitor often visits a website several times before they convert a goal. By applying different attribution models, you get a better view on which channels actually lead to a conversion. This helps you finding out where to spend your money best when acquiring visitors.

The premium plugin can be purchased here:

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