Campaign tracking not working

I’m not sure if I understood something wrong here, or what else the problem could be.

On the website I have created a 301 redirect for that redirects to our instagram page.
The redirect works.

No I created a matomo campaign with the campaign url generator and added some parameters and the link now looks like this:

I switched the 301 redirect from to link that leads to instagram.
The redirect still works, but matomo doesn’t pick up any data in the campaign tab.

Am I not understanding some fundamentals here of how campaigns should work, or what could be the error?


Any ideas what the problem could be?

The campaign works on the other way…
If you browse (and index is tracked), then you’ll get the campaign in Matomo.
The campaign is used to understand why a user came visit your site. He can visit your site because he saw some advertisement in a social network, because he received a marketing email or flashed some QRcode on a poster in the street…