Campaign Tracking Keywords Not Registering against Goals . . .?

Hi Piwik Community,
I love Piwik and want to ditch Google Analytics but have a small problem I need some help with first. :slight_smile:

I’ve dug and dug through the help pages trying to find the answer to this and have tried to work out what \ why it might be happening. I can program and run a small web company so am not completely new to websites :slight_smile: I can’t seem to get Piwik to log the passed pk_campaign and pk_keyword goal conversions from Google Adwords to log against the “pk_keyword”.

To do it, all I did was add the following to each page on the shop website as the core Piwik code for all pages excluding the shop “checkout success” page where I need to goal (single product sale) registering:

I then added the same code, plus the extra goal tracking code, to the checkout confirmation page to track the “conversion”:

That’s what I did, but it has only logged 1 goal conversion, and I know a lot more are converting from the Google Adwords campaign for sure. Not sure if it helps, but I used the Piwik URL builder and all the keyword destination URL’s in Adwords are set up to follow the format:

As a result, I can see the campaign clicks coming through, but only 1 conversion and I know definitely a lot more are converting from an extra tracking system that the website itself has that tracks the PPC clicks and conversions.

Not sure if it helps, but I get the attached results which only shows 1 keyword “converted” from adwords, but I know more have. Any help greatly appreciated, my brain is toasted. :slight_smile:

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Please try 1.7-beta3 which contains a bug fix which might help you

Note: it will only work for data going forward. Can you please update to 1.7-b3, wait 3 days, and report if these 3 days of conversion data look better than currently?

Thanks Matt, I will do. Just uploading it now. No problem if the beta removes the old statistics, but do you know if it will? Can I leave the existing javascript on the web pages and checkout confirmation page, or does it need tweaking with the new beta version, or are there no changes to it?

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the beta is like a normal version update, it will keep all your stats etc. just update the code to a more recent version with more bug fixes