Campaign: Facebook and Piwik count different?

We generated some Links with the URL Builder: URL Builder - Marketing Campaign Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo

These were used for Campaign Ads in Facebook. Now we have a difference in the Click Count.

Facebook Counts 758 Clicks on our Website-Campaign URLS in total.
Piwik has 710. Maybe this difference can be explained with different tracking mechanics.

But why is it that some specific Links have more clicks in Piwik than in Facebook?
Isn`t that impossible?

Hope you can help.

Best regards


Piwik tracks when a use access your page. Facebook tracks when a user leaves their page to a specified other page.
So there are many reasons why the stats could differ:

  • User clicks the link on facebook, but aborts the page load before piwik was able to track
  • A user could copy the link he was redirected to, and send it to others, so they would be tracked as campaign as well if the param is still in the url
  • Users could have ad blockers that blocks the Piwik tracking

Thx SteveG. This is a good collection of possible reasons.