Campaign data not recorded

I am trying to write a “simple reprint tracker” – a PHP script that serves an image under a given name and tracks referrers and campaigns based on the name of the image being requested/served. For instance, URL:

should serve a default PNG image and track the referrer and register “FirstCampaign” as the campaign.

I am using the PiwikTracker.php[/url] class. [url=]In the code I am setting the attribution info, and when I am debugging (via printing out attribution info or looking ta the cookies) I see keyword, campaign, timestamp and referrer set properly.

Piwik (using 2.13 here, meaning to upgrade as soon as we get this to work) does register the actions/hits, does register the referrer, but does not register the campaign nor the keyword. Campaign report keeps showing “no data for this report”.

The cURL call generated by PiwikTracker.php is:

I am at a loss as to why the heck Piwik registers the action/hit and the referrer properly, but ignores campaign and keyword data. Help?