Calculation All Websites dashboard wrong:S

After upgrading Piwik the calculation for all dashboards is wrong see attached file, i have seen this after upgrading from piwik
is this a wrong setting, plugin or a bug?

What’s wrong with calculation? maybe set “Date to load by default” to “yesterday” in the Settings> User settings

as you can see 139 visits is right, but the calculation 407+51=458 and not 655 thats wat i mean, before the calculation is what i think wrong, it started after updating from 2.0

Thanks for details. I can see the bug now. I cannot reproduce on the demo yet. Can you see this problem on every day? Can you see it also on Weeks or months or years?


i just make a quick test, it is on all, when i make a day, week, month or a 4 months range, the calculation is always wrong.

if it is some help, i starting up a website and trying out a little bit. at first i made my website in 3 languages but i deleted 1 language, i did not delete the data from this third language because these are data in the visitor statistics from the past…

Is it possible you had another web site and deleted it? So the results show present web sites and one deleted? When you said you had 3 languages did you mean you have 3 websites(one for each language?)

Not realy deleted, i had 3 sites, i deleted 1 site completely but not in piwik, as i understand the only thing wats happen is that piwik dont become any feed anymore from the tirth site.

it is a WP multisite, and i had for each language a different piwik code, after deleting the site i leaved piwik as it is

As its a WP multi site how are you applying the code? Is it via the WP plugin? Maybe the manual deletetion of teh site did stop visits data but if teh plugin is used it could still be capturing pageviews(for related template pages of teh deleted site which are still active) even though people arent directly accessing them. WP has alot of smaller pages used most people dont realize exist.

i had a theme that i had modified for each language, the piwik code was implimented direct in the footer

Hi, new entry…
i have make a new install of piwik with a fresh database (not 1 old entry) and the problem is the same the calculation is wrong.

To be sure to see of it is what i do wrong:

I have a wp multisite the default site is for the ditch language and the second site for the german,

default is, the i have made in piwik in Settings / manage / websites ad a website with url, there i go to JavaScript Tracking Code, copy the code in the footer of my theme. there i see in the code at the end “piwik.php?idsite=1”

i have added a site for tracking the visitors of the german Site, then i do the same , go to JavaScript Tracking Code, copy the code in the footer of my theme. there i see in the code at the end “piwik.php?idsite=2”

please see the attachment, the calculation is wrong again…

is it something i do wrong?

Actually i can see this in the

Matt if you go to demo and view all websites

you will see the pageview metric is calculating oddly.

Is it possible pageviews for the actual admin/dashboard pages themselves are being counted over and above from the defined web sites?

Is there a ETA when these calcuations will be update? I don’t want to move this live until this is fixed.

Just add this as a bug ticket and reference my posting above. That way it will be prioritized and looked at sooner.

as @leskolat suggested, it would help if you could create a ticket in our issue tracker:

The bug Calculation All Websites dashboard wrong · Issue #5320 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub was fixed! Thanks for reporting.

Thank you all very much.