Calculated Fields Form subpages not tracked

First of all hi from me. I am new here and also with Matomo.

I run a website with a cost calculator for costs of building a house. This website is built with the plugin Calculated Fields Form. I use the function there to split the input of the calculation parameters on different pages. This means, visitors have to press the button “next page”.

So, for example, visitors have to answer 18 questions, which I have divided into 5 pages. The sixths page is the result page. Starting from the second page, Calculated Fields Form creates subpages with the structure /#f1p1, /#f1p2, /#f1p3, and so on.

Unfortunately, Matomo does not detect these pages. So I can’t track how many of my visitors actually use the calculator and how many get to the last step. I therefore also have no knowledge about the actual time on page, because I have a bounce rate of almost 100%.

Is there a possibility to make Matomo aware of these pages /#f1p1, /#f1p2, /#f1p3?

I use the free Matomo wordpress plugin.

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi @ben83
I do hope the same concept which used to track the different page on single page application can be used to fix your problem. Please review following link if it helps you.