Bypassing login screen via token?

I’m in the process of rolling piwik in with a number of other tools, so users will have one login and from there should be able to access each of these. Is there a way of automatically logging a user in based on a token perhaps, so once they give details to my central login form, their piwik details can be looked up in the backend, a token set, and then they could just browse to the url of their dashboard?

I looked in the browser console but can’t see the relationship between the ‘piwik_auth’ cookie and the ‘token_auth’ which resides in the ‘piwik_user’ MySQL table. Could you suggest a possible approach?

Hi there,

Yes it’s possible to automatically login user, see this FAQ: How do I automatically login my users in Piwik when they go from my CMS to Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Apologies for not finding that in the FAQ, it’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks!