Bulk tracking api, re processing reports

hello, we currently have an existing data set, which we use an importer with to populate piwik. this data doesn’t necessarily come in sorted by time.

here is the question:

let’s say for instance that i have data in september, october, and november, and i add a missing day’s worth of data to some date in october.

now that i have new data, i have to-re process it, so i either mark the day as invalid, or remove the table for the entire month.

do visits and sessions after the date i have added data to get their visit/session counts increased automatically, or do i really need to re process everything after the date i have inserted data for?

i have read How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo, which doesn’t seem to clear up the issue

The logs you import after the fact, will be “merged” with the existing logs. For example piwik will try to detect unique visitors from existing visitors. Then mark the Day as invalid, and re-run archiving.

so it sounds like from what you are saying that changes can cascade forwards in time