Bugs = mess

Thanks to the last 3 major bugs, my piwik is completely pointless. Not only am I now out of disk space on my cloud vm, stats are not worth anything since the last release. The project owner needs to take a look at what happened and those submitting these major bugs need to some qa training. This affects people and corporate websites. This is a mess.

Visitors not tracked.

Reports tables too big.

Admin doesn’t find latest version. Not sure if anyone else has this issue or not.

I’m using 8 core, 14GB Azure VM. I can’t even load the dashboard on a high traffic website because of the Visitor tracking issue.

A new Piwik version was released fixing the major bugs. The extra archive bug will be fixed in next release as you can see on Report archives have tripled in size since update to 2.10 · Issue #7181 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

If you’re not happy with your current server environment, you can always work with professionals to ensure your Piwik server will always be up and running…