[BUG] Visitor log not reporting Adwords properly

Hi guys,

First, I’d like to say you guys did a great job on this piece of software.

I started using Piwik mainly to track campaigns. Everything works as expected but one thing isn’t reporting properly and I believe it is only affecting Google Adwords.

In the Visitor Log, visitors that came through Adwords are tagged properly as long as the referring Google domain is not google.com. See the screenshot to see how the report looks.

The first entry reports the adwords campaign properly, that’s because the referer_url in the DB is google.CA.

The second entry reports that it’s a visitor coming from a campaign but does not put the campaign name. In fact that visitor was from Adwords as well but he came from referer_url google.COM.

If I modify the referer_url in piwik_log_visit and change the TLD from .COM to .CA (or any other TLD for the matter) the click is properly reported.

Any idea what needs to be changed for this to work?

Dave, I’m not sure exactly what the problem is. Can you please, send me a PM or email at matt@piwik.org with the exact URLs used and the issue you experienced? thx