Bug: rename column 'label' will make dataTable error


If we want to let all the dataTable useable(table,pie,VerticalBar,clound tag,etc), we must to use “$dataTable->addRowsFromArrayWithIndexLabel($arr)”.
If we use “$dataTable->addRowsFromSimpleArray($arr)”, only the type “table” can be showed in dataTable.

But if we use $dataTable->renameColumn(‘index’,‘newName’), the index will be no available.

1.only use “$dataTable->addRowsFromArrayWithIndexLabel($arr)”
2.use “$dataTable->addRowsFromArrayWithIndexLabel($arr)” and "rename index “label” "
3.only use “$dataTable->addRowsFromSimpleArray($arr)”

Is it possible to add a function $dataTable->setIndexColumn($name) or modify the function renameColumn()?
Or other better solutions?


Can you please create a ticket in trac with:

  • code to reproduce the error
  • what behavior you got
  • what behavior you were expecting.

From trac we will take a look, thanks