Bug query called over and over is maxing our our db resource

Hi There,

we are suffering from a large issue on Matomo 4.2.1 at the moment. The following query is getting called continually over and over;

SELECT visit_last_action_time , visit_first_action_time , idvisitor , idvisit , user_id , visit_exit_idaction_url , visit_exit_idaction_name , visitor_returning , visitor_seconds_since_first , visitor_seconds_since_order , visitor_count_visits , visit_goal_buyer , location_country , location_region , location_city , location_latitude , location_longitude , referer_name , referer_keyword , referer_type , idsite , profilable , visit_entry_idaction_url

as you can see, no where clause so it essentially pulls back the whole table continually. Its hundreds of thousands of rows so its massive thing to have on repeat. We re trying to cache this query on a proxy in front of the db but in the meantime;

a) is this a bug?
b) does anyone know what is calling this query?

We are trying to build something to cache this query but its really tripping us up.