[Bug?] Piwik Tracking Downloads 1.7.1


I’m having serious problems with “download report” in version 1.7.1

Downloads (for example pdf-Files or the like) are tracked correctly in piwik database and I also see them in live visitors log. But only some of them show up in Action > Download - report!

I couldn’t figure out why sometimes it does work and sometimes not. I use regular piwikTracker.enableLinkTracking()-function.

I debugged tracking calls. They obviously seem to be correct:

Action is a Download URL, Action name = , Action URL = http://***.pdf

It has to be a problem with the filename or the url (also there are no special characters within). I am not using other JavaScript libs on the pages I where I use piwikTracker.enableLinkTracking(); !

Thank you!

PS: I also read the faqs…I can definitly exclude any webkit/javascript/target-blanks…and the like problems

They are all showing in visitor log ? then the data is tracked correctly. can you show screenshot showing that data is not correct?

Hi Matt,

yes, they are alle showing up in visitor log. The data is indeed collected correctly. I assume a problem with the download reports. Unfortunately I can’t provide an screenshot, because “some” of the downloaded files just don’t show up in dowload report.


Another strange behaviour occured:
I was using PHP-Tracker API an did the following:


$t->doTrackAction('http://www.example.org/downloads/test.zip', 'download');

First case: The data is tracked correctly (in database and live visitors log). But the file test.jpg doesn’t show up in download report.

When I do the following:

$t->doTrackAction('http://www.example.org//downloads/test.zip', 'download'); #notice the 2 slahes //

Second case: It shows up in download report!

===> Both times I can see that data is collected correctly! In the first case data doesn’t show up in download-report, in the second case it does!

After hours of testing I did the following: I added those two lines in config.ini.php:

datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_actions = 5000
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_actions = 5000

Now the problem with the “not showing” downloads seems to be gone. I know that low population is sometimes not showing in reports or gets cumulated under a common term like “Other”, but if I track two files and they both have the same download number, then both files or none (in case the are “Others” should show up in download-report. Also if I search for a filename, files that normaly show up as “Other” should be found.


Well, I guess its not easy to debug. But maybe somebody could take a look at how the download-report is generated.


The problems seems more to be with delay ? or do data actually get ignored completely and other OK ? you can change arching delay in the General Settings, set it to 5s for example?

Hi Matt,

thx for answering. No, infact archiving is always up2date. I always force making new archives when testing - so that actually can’t be the problem. Other than that I haven’t found a solution yet.