Bug! many bug arise when deactivate plugin referers

After I deactivate the plugin “referers”, many bug arise.
1.In main menu dashboard, there is many “widget not found”, and the content in it is very strange.[attachment=93:0.png]
2.Many plugin(nearly all the plugin) can not work. They are always show “loading…” or redirect to mainmenu “dashboard”.

If it is not allowed to deactivate it, I think it is better to remove it from settings->plugins, and let it always actived.

I agree. That’s why there’s already a ticket for this.

Sorry , I didn’t noticed there is already a ticket for this. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif
Is it possible to write a plugin to change the order of main menu and hide some menu or content.
Any hook or function for this feature?