Bug in collapse function of Actions tables

(Sony) #1

[size=small]Hi Piwik team,
Thanks for the great 1.5.1 release.

Recently I found one issue related to on click collapse function on Actions tables.
If we look at code in plugins/CoreHome/datatable.js for collapse function:

// we add an attribute parent that contains the ID of all the parent categories
// this ID is used when collapsing a parent row, it searches for all children rows
// which ‘parent’ attribute’s value contains the collapsed row ID
$(this).attr(‘parent’, function(){
return self.parentAttributeParent + ’ ’ + self.parentId;

For example, parent row id=166 and one of the children rows of this parent row id =66.
When we click on row with id=66 to collapse all its children, as its siblings parent id contains 66 (actually it is 166), so it is collapsing its siblings as well along with its children. This was happened in my case only, by debugging js code, I came to know that below piece of code making the issue:

if(parents.indexOf(idSubTable) >= 0
|| parents.indexOf(‘subDataTable_’+idSubTable) >= 0)
Collapse this element

Can you please suggest some solution and also if I change something here, is it going to effect any where else b’cos my code is going to prod, I dont want to make last minute changes?[/size]

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Sony, can you please create a bug report at dev.piwik.org and post your explanations there?
Also if you have a patch to fix the issue please post it there as well. THanks!