Bug Google Analytics Importer does not work correctly

Hi, I had pinned this bug on GitHub before, but after a while the post was simply closed, on the grounds that the server was too weak.

No, it is not, definitely not.

I have now carried out further tests and have them revalidated again. It just doesn’t help.

Step 1:
I’m going to call up a past 7-day report (2012-11-01 to 2012-11-07). What you see is the correct representation - both in the graphic and in the summary

Step 2:
Now I’m going to call up a 14 day report (2012-11-01 to 2012-11-14). The graph shows the correct dates that match GA, but the summary doesn’t fit at all

Step 3:
Now I am extending the report to 2 months (2012-11-01 to 2012-12-31). The graphics are correct, the summary is totally incorrect.

The error logs are empty, the server is bored and the generation of the reports takes 1 second. The archiving cron takes 1 to 4 seconds.

Both Matomo and GA Importer are up to date
Matomo version: 3.13.0
GoogleAnalyticsImporter (v1.2.2)
MySQL version: 10.1.43-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
PHP version: 7.3.12

What could be the cause of this? And what can i do?

No idea or any suggestion?

i am very interested to fix that problem and need some support also against donation or something else

Very frustrated :frowning:

the whole can be reproduced over several properties.

Matomo-Version: 3.13.1
MySQL-Version: 10.1.43-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
PHP-Version: 7.4.1
[GoogleAnalyticsImporter] (v1.2.2)

Day 1-9 everything is perfect and the data match.

Day 1-10 suddenly come fantasy numbers

Day 1-31 suddenly 0

It all happens - only - with the data that was imported. If I call up the data of the last 16 days that were not imported, the result fits:

I think it’s a bug in the GoogeAnalytics importer