[bug] Epiphany Identification, Countries, and More

  1. Epiphany (v. 2.28 on Ubuntu 9.10) is being identified as Safari 4.0 (cause it uses same WebKit engine?).

  2. On same Ubuntu system I have PDF viewers and Java, but Piwik says I do not.

3. Countries widget actually tracks system language. There should be two separate sets of data: languages and actual locations (as you could use, say, Spanish language, but reside on any of the continents). If OpenX can utilize free geo-targeting, I am sure Piwik can determine IP location as well.

That is all I can think of right now.

P. S. Third question was answered. I read the FAQ, but, evidently, missed the entry, according to this: forum.piwik.org/index.php?showtopic…post&p=5167

It sounds like you’re not running the latest Piwik version. Epiphany should be identified as Epiphany in 0.5.5. If not, post your User Agent string.

Unless those viewers and Java runtime executables also register themselves as browser plugins, then those external apps are not detected, and so, not a bug.