[BUG?][1.6/1.5] less clicks on links with years date range


I think the count on links with each date range are buggy.

Example for a specific link in my outlinks.
in Day : 2 clicks
In Weeks : 2 clicks
In Month : 20 clicks
In Year : 12 clicks !?
In fixed date range for year 2011 : 32

I think the sql for Year don’t take the last month (actually October)


I have the same problem.
Installed piwik 1.6 on linux on 21st of October and get different click counts when selecting Month/Year or Date Range.

Furthermore the visitors and actions increase hour by hour and then one or two times a day the numbers drop by 10 or 20% and then increase again.
The database tables seem to increase only.

Have you setup the cron job as explained in How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo or do you use the “simple” default setup?

Today I have set up a cron job, but have no figures yet. I will reply tomorrow. Thanks

Now I have some figures which are the totals of a few websites:

time frame: 2011-10-21 to 2011-11-01
visits: 11614
actions: 27620

time frame: year
visits: 13268
actions: 30676

time frame at 1 o’clock: 2011-10-21 to 2011-11-02
visits: 10062
actions: 23658

time frame at 2 o’clock 2011-10-21 to 2011-11-02
visits: 14024
actions: 32802

The next hours no change.

I have put the following code in crontab -e

5 * * * * piwikuser /path/to/piwik/misc/cron/archive.sh > /dev/null

When I issue the following command:

su piwikuser -c "sh /path/to/piwik/misc/cron/archive.sh"

the archives are calculated. When I issue this command again after some time, there is no change in results.

What’s wrong?

Sorry for the delay.
For us, we have the cron job as explained in [piwik.org]

Try removing all archive tables as per:

Then run the archive script again and report back.