Browser's blocker plugin blocks matomo


Don’t know where to open this thread.
I did search and found several related old ones, so…

I did install matomo to monitor private non commercial web site.

I just want to have the number of visited pages per day and which pages.
Firefox with ublock plugin blocks matomo.
Is there a way to bypass this ? I don’t want to collect personal client stuff…
You can check network traffic on this page with firefox+ublock origin if you want to see the problem|&idsite=1&rec=1&r=021456&h=10&m=2&s=10&
message : blocked by ublock origin

I tried to do some symlinks but I can not make it work and not sure i want to go into renaming files etc… as it could complicated for updates

1- Is there a matomo plugin to do this renaming stuff ?

2- Is there another tool to monitor what i would like to collect ?
maybe out of matomo, like parsing apache logs ?


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