Browser Language / language Code

Hi, I’ve got a simple question, i couldn’t find information for it in the documentation.

When generating a report, I can choose browser language and language code. The report shows similar numbers for both, but not identical numbers.

Is the language code found in location_country (from geoip)?
Is browser language found in the field “location_browser_lang” (=browser settings)?

Is there a documentation or explanation for each report-field available?
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I am not completely sure, but I think they are both from the same source: The browser Accept-Language HTTP header. For me this would be the following:

Accept-Language: de-AT,de;q=0.8,en-US;q=0.5,en;q=0.3

The Browser Language in Matomo would be “German”, but the Language Code report uses the exact language, so in my case “German - Austria (de-at)”.

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Thank’s a lot! It would be good to have an explanation to each field of the report or the database!
I found the glossary, but browser language and language code are not explained ( So, many thanks to you! Have a nice day!


You are right, those two reports were missing from the glossary and inline help.

If you have a better wording for the help text, please mention it.

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