Browser and OS removed from Live plugin?

I am running Piwik on two different systems, both hosted by OVH in France. One, the more up-to-date installation, is running version 2.12.1 on VPS. The other is running 2.11.0 on a shared hosting space.

In the v2.12.1 installation, I notice that the browser icon has been removed from the Live (aka “Visitors in Real-Time”) plugin. The OS icon has also been removed. Both pieces of information no longer show up in the Visitor Profile overlay as well.

I have switched from the admin account to a normal Piwik user account and vice-versa, I have reloaded the page, and I have danced, while chanting, in circles. I can only face the fact that these otherwise useful (to me) icons have been removed. BUT the user’s screen resolution is still available in the Visitor Profile overlay (which is an information I have no use for).

Since I can still see them in a version 2.11.0 instance, I guess the icons have been removed in either of the versions that came out until 2.12.1. However, I see no mention of “browser”, “OS” or “operating system” in the release notes. Yes, I have read all the relevant pages.

I also face the fact that there are no settings for that plugin.

Can someone confirm that the icons have also disappeared from their installation? Does anyone know of a configuration option to have these icons back in? Or is forking and applying a patch the only way to go?

Thank you.

Do you have the DevicesDetection plugin disabled?

Yes, the DevicesDetection plugin was disabled. I activated it, there was a database modification and blank icons showed up for past visits at the places where, on the other installation, I have the browser and OS icons. I guess DevicesDetection is a plugin to Live.
Thank you, SteveG.