Broken web UI after performing update


I have a small Piwik installation that I installed on my shared hosting using the ‘Installatron’ tool.

A few months ago I found that I was unable to automatically update - I got a curl_exec timeout error. I updated the timeout value in controller.php as per this thread: 301 Moved Permanently

… And then I ran the automatic update, which completed, followed by the database upgrade, which also completed.

What’s happening now is that when I log in, the UI is broken, like this (some details redacted):

[attachment 2417 Screen-Shot-2015-10-13-at-12.09.58-pm.png]

Note the code displayed in the dropdown (which won’t disappear) and the missing menu/s.

I am now running 2.15.0-b19 but I am unsure of the version I had before I upgraded. I have the database name/username/password/prefix etc.

What would be the best way to fix this?


Hi, this issue should be fixed in latest beta

Hi Thomas, thanks, updating automatically to the latest release fixed the issue.