Branding (custom logo) not possible in settings - V 1.12

Hello Community;

I just installed piwik via softaculous, but in branding settings i get the next warning:

The peculiar thing is that in the indicated directories there not any logo; look : ; the logo is in image directory.

It is an installation problem, database problem?, Appreciate their contributions to solve this issue.


Give permission to Piwik to write in the themes/ directory


Folder permissions are 755 and file permissions are 644 as standard in piwik instalattion.

Apparently it’s a problem of the database, as my hosting uses MariaDB and are not compatible with piwik 100% (only MySQL)

MariaDB is compatible with Piwik 100% as far as we know

Problem resolved, in PHP configuration (cpanel) “upload file” was of; now is on and works fine.

About MariaDB, present the next error : Screenshot on 10.24.2013 at 12.47.34 PM.png • Droplr™ , say “The used command is not allowed with this MariaDB version[42000]”

What should I do with this warning ?