Bouncing Visitors


Is it possible to get Piwik to ignore all visitors who arrive at my site and immediately bounce (ie within 10 secs)

I suspect this request will result in numerous ‘why on earth would you want to do that’ responses…
So in an attempt to head them off at the pass I’ll try to provide an explanation in advance.

I’m not that interested in the minutiae of website analysis - and don’t want/need/intend to spend huge amounts of
analytical brain power trying to fathom the intricacies of visitor behaviour…

What I do want to know about my visitors is pretty much what i’d be able to see if i was selling from a bricks and mortar shop.
How many people come in, how long they stay, where they go and what they buy.
All of that info is available from the dashboard, so i’m a happy bunny there.

What I’m not interested in, and what distorts my analysis figures are all the ‘phantom’ visitors that arrive at the website ‘by accident’.
The vast majority of these are arriving via some kind of spamming algorithm.
They all have a common characteristic in that they bounce off the site before 10 secs is up.
Bottom line I’m not interested in seeing bounced traffic in my reports.

Yes I know, bouncing can imply that people are not ‘engaging’ with my website, and that this is something i should be concerned about and address.
I beg to differ.
If someone bounces within 10 secs than they are not in the least interested in the site and have arrived by accident,
either via a third party spamming site or because they clicked on the wrong link or… whatever.
In real-world terms I’m not interested in the people who arrive at my shop because their satnav got confused so….

After all that long-winded preamble, and if you’re still with me…
Is it possible to get Piwik to ignore all visitors who arrive at my site and immediately bounce (ie within 10 secs)


If you have install piwik then you can get all the data related to your website there like where your visitors coming form? what they are searching? etc. When it comes to bounce rate then it is the number of visitors who arrives on your site & then leave your website suddenly.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Create a Custom Segment and select only visitors who stay more than 10 seconds. then you will see only those that interest you