Bounce ratio

How do i have to interpret the bounce ratio in piwik? Compared to other statistic scripts the bounce ratio is about 8 times higher.

Compared to which scripts? please post screenshots showing the comparison between tools so we can assess, thanks

Here is an example of one page. This page is tracked by piwik and crawl track. The images (the yellow marked part) are both made at the same day and time. As you can see, there is a difference of 74 % in the bounce rate. Both tracking codes are implemented in the footer of the page. So I guess that’s not the explanation of the difference.

The footer is included in each page. But I can’t imagine it’s a problem for piwik or crawl track. But because of the big difference, it’s obvious that one of the numbers is wrong.

I didn’t bother If this was the only page with such difference. but it’s happening with most of the tracked pages. And I can’t find any reason for it.