Bounce rate and ave time on website are 0

We are getting visit duration numbers, but the average time on website and bounce rate metrics are showing 0 in our Length of Visits widget. In the main console, the Visitors section does show a report with bounce rate and average time on site for a whole period. We have no events defined. Any idea why the numbers all show up as 0 in the widget?


can you post a screenshot of widgets and Visitor > Overview page?

I’ve attached one screenshot of our website in which we have a widget iframed. The iframe code is


The other screenshot shows visitor info for the website. You can see it does show some numbers for bounce rate and average visit duration. Are those metrics not available broken down by visit duration period? They are probably more relevant to look at for the site as a whole anyway, but I’m not sure why the widget, even with tableAllColumns set, would display them if so.

unfortunately this report doesnot support viewDataTable=tableAllColumns it only supports viewDataTable=table

we probably should throw an error instead of displaying 0

Okay, thanks for the info.