Book on piwik

hello guys,

I want like learn to use the piwik’s application.
There aren’t a lot of tutorials (in step-to-step) for learn Piwik, on Internet.

You would know good book for piwik’s administration, for piwik’s development ? (with a lot of examples).

Thanks for your help.


There isnt a book I know of, but there is a blog, here in the forumns for example a great resource.

I will say this about piwik its a great and relatively simple tool, but to setup and run and adminsiter it one will need to be more hands on as well as able to work with ones server more intimately. GA and omniture for example allow alot of code manipulation but the server back end is more hidden and remote (if even accessable to the end user).

I like to learn by trial and error and piwik as such is a great tool. More often than not I find most problem arise from particluar server issues and how one tweaks ones server to get piwik to install and work correctly.

Whats great here is that there will be bugs and software limitations but if one gets desperate enough one can sponsor a fix or new develpoment. The team here(by the way i have no affiliation or make any benefit from) is very friendly and helpful and they respond very quickly compared to other development groups for major analytics vendors.

There is a great Piwik book: Piwik Web Analytics Essentials [Book Review] - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Ok, thanks.
I know that these books exist:

What is your view on these differents books ? thanks ^^

Just get this one, it’s by far the best: Piwik Web Analytics Essentials [Book Review] - Analytics Platform - Matomo