Blocked number of hits per month


With the matomo cloud solution, is it possible to block (or limit) the number of hits we are using per month ? In order to not pay for additionnal hits.


(I don’t see immediate solution for your need, maybe you could ask the Matomo cloud support and then share the answer here)
I think that stopping the track once some threshold is reach may not be the better solution, as you will exclude arbitrary data after some day in the month…
My first approach would be maybe exclude some categories of visitors (eg. based on their country, language, cookies consent not given, etc.)

The support response:

Is it possible to see how many hits we already used for a month ?

Yes, it is possible. You can login as a billing owner and go to Admin > Billing > Account.

> And is it possible to block the number of hits in order to not pay for additional hits ?

Unfortunately, it is only possible using Matomo Tag Manager. With Matomo JavaScript code, Matomo will continue to track. To prevent further tracking, you would need to comment out or remove your tracking code. You will be billed for the excess (or proportion of) hits. I suggest that you set up a custom alert [] to alert you when you get close to your threshold. If you have purchased an annual plan, you will be billed at the end of the subscription for the cumulative hits across the year.

Note: You can also notify yourself when the hits exceed. Click the gear icon(Admin) > Personal > Settings and select “Notify me when quota is nearly exceeded”.