Blocked from my own website after asking Pikwik to exclude my IP

I can’t access my own website after asking Piwik to exclude me from being counted on the statistics. It seems my IP is blocked and I didn’t change anything.

Can anybody help please? Is there any php code Piwik “injected” in some other files or is it just the cookie ? By the way I deleted all cookies…
I can access it from my cell phone, but not from the same IP I excluded.

I just installed it today, and now I can’t access anything anyway, so I deleted it. First I deleted the tracking code from the footer, second I deleted the database, and third I deleted the Piwik folder.
Im running phpbb3.

What can I do so I can access my website again from this computer?

Thank you for your help

Blocking yourself from piwik will NEVER block you from your website, nor would it block you from piwik. It will just block you from being tracked. So ask your sysadmin or check your web server configuration for other reasons

Thanks Matt. It ended up working today. Nothing was changed on my side other than deleting Piwik, it simply came back today. Perhaps it was something on my host or ISP.

Either way thank you for your reply.