Blocked Active Content! Oh No!

(Bernard St-Pierre) #1

IE8 gives a warning that it blocked active content when piwik tracking code is used. Sure, I can allow the content, but what about my visitors who leave because they are afraid? Is there a workaround? What are our options?


(Bernard St-Pierre) #2

This is URGENT! Anyone please?

(Bernard St-Pierre) #3

What is the code snippet I need to set in my html so that it doesn’t give out the Blocked content Warning?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

I use IE8 and do not have such warning on

do you see the warning there? please post a screenshot. Check that your IE8 has default settings?

(Bernard St-Pierre) #5

My mistake Matt, warning was for twitter snippet, My appologies. I’m quite happy now…(:smiley: