Blank screen after update

after my update a few days back (haven’t updated the website for a while) I get a blank screen when opening Matomo. The data on the dashboard of WP is shown correctly.
I only have some basic menu elements but nothing else, no abblocket activated.

From the FAQ

  • Check there is no ad blocker or anything similar active
    not activated

  • If possible, clear the browser cache and reload
    done, no change

  • If you can, open the browser developer tools to see if there is

    • any JavaScript error in the “console”
      no errors except for font load errors
      40 font requests from gstatic and google are blocked with error code (blocked:csp)
    • any file that could not be loaded in the “network tab” (eg HTTP error 404, 403, 500, …)
  • If you see any HTTP 500 error, try to enable WP_DEBUG or check your PHP and webserver error logs if possible.
    no http500 error