Blank page - actions.php

I have a blank page on my piwik site. I try to update but blank page remain.

Fatal error : Namespace declaration statement has to be the very first statement or after any declare call in the script in /home/www/piwik/plugins/Actions/Actions.php on line 9

What can i do?
Thank you


:warning: There is a possibility that some malware is modifying your server code. Please check this immediatly!:warning:

Please open your /home/www/piwik/plugins/Actions/Actions.php file and check its contents.

It should look like this file. If there is some weird code in front of the namespace Piwik\Plugins\Actions; line then you have to immediatly find out:

  • Where it came from?
  • What it does?
  • What vulnerability did allow someone to modify files on your server?
  • How to fix this?