Blanc white page


I have installed PIWIK on my wordpress website and it worked fine.
I also installed WP-PIWIK plugin.
recently I entered piwik and saw a blank white page. with No login option.
reading some advice on piwik website and the internet I reinstalled piwik under new folder and new DB.
Installations went OK.
Now I encounter the same problem.

Any suggestions?


Check your server error logs and Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Sometimes the page source for a blank or partial page contains an error message.

Right-click anywhere in the blank or partial page, and you should see an option to view the page source. Look for some sort of error message near the bottom of that page source. If there’s no page source at all, you might have an incorrectly configured PHP installation – probably a too-low memory limit in the php.ini file that’s preventing Piwik from starting properly.