Big difference between AWStats and Piwik

Hi, I’m having a big problem, AWStats shows many times more visitors than Piwik (and Google Analytics) and more pages. No, those are not bots and system pages, I checked it thoroughly. Yes, I read about it on your forum, nothing helped. Do you have any ideas how to solve it? My host is iPage, I use Joomla and it all was automatically installed. It may give you a hint that it always shows my own visits and searches from Google.

Send us an example log file with 10 lines where AWStats tracks them all but Piwik does not and we can investigate this bug

Here, AWStats for July, main page, all IPs and all pages.
Piwik log for July, the first two entries are my own.

In case you need my system check.
[attachment 1357 system-check1.jpg]
[attachment 1358 system-check2.jpg]

please create a ticket with bug description, steps to reproduce the result, expected VS processed results. Thanks