Better twitter referrer links (that lead to actual tweets and not your own page)

Currently twitter referral links look more or less like this"which isn’t really helpful, since clicking on them will only redirect you to the page on your site they point to, and not the referrer tweet the visitor came from.

Instead, if you added a reformatted link like this: (In other words, add twitter search url at the beginning, and remove “?amp=1” at the end and re-encode the link url in the middle. You’ll get a link that leads to a twitter search that actually shows the tweets with this link. Much more useful if you want to see where your twitter visitors actually came from.

EDIT: It seems this forum automatically edits links to not show the actual URLS I’ve written, replacing them with the page titles instead, which makes it hard to read and understand. But you can still hover the links and see the URLS I’m referring to.

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Yes, I would also find that very helpful. The implementation should be fairly easy.