Better domain/ip configuration for tracking

It’ be nice if Piwik would only track domains under the URLs setting or if there was a way to exclude domains like you can exclude IPs.

Below are ideal options

Option 1) track only domains and IPs listed in inclusion list
Option 2) track all domains and IPs not listed in exclusion list

This one is a bit more complicated, but the most ideal.
Option 3) track only domains listed in inclusion list and define IPs that each domain runs on.

As a first step, perhaps Excluded IPs could include domain names instead of just IPs.

With the current setup someone could copy your tracking code to a website and run a bot on it to mess with your stats. Option 2 has the same problem.

Option 3 is most ideal because someone would have to spoof their domain and IP. Not impossible to do but requires more work for a prank.

More realistically, this feature would facilitate proper tracking of websites during maintenance.