Best way to change a core plugin

Hello everyone,

I just started using Piwik and I’d like to make a change to one of the core plugins (I hope I’m using that term correctly) to record some more data under the “Website” tab. I started editing the files inside of the SiteManager folder when I started to wonder if I should be making a new plugin that would replace the vanilla one.

So should I be trying to do that? And if so, is there a way to tell it to load my version of the sitemanager vs. the standard one?


Wow, today was a great example of why I’m asking this. We just upgraded to 1.11 (which looks great) and so now I’m going to replace all of the code I did yesterday to get my custom field back in to the website management tab… not a big deal, but over time it could get cumbersome to keep redoing this.

we can help, but this is non trivial so you can get Professional Consulting