Best practice multiple tracker for multiple independent Matomo users & idSite at same or overlapping website

Long story short:
3 independent users have 3 different own “idSite” at the same single Matomo instance, everybody with his separate settings/setup and using the initial Tag Manager Container setup and run it on the same (sometimes overlapping) web page.

According to this Embedding: Integrate - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3 multiple containers on the same webpage are not an issue.

But the multiple trackers need orchestration, right?

Every user deploys his own container with the following settings and only the idSite is different.

Does this work or need this orchestration?

Or can I leverage the Roll-Up Plugin? Run only one tracker and provide different (url/uri filtered) views to the different users?

Based on all the no-replies, which is basically a reply, I decided to add only one “idSite” per measurable and rely on the Roll-Up plugin.

I hope that is the right way to go.

Hello, I believe I face a similar situation: multiple users wanting to track different parts of the same site (some overlapping) and wanting to keep their settings and stats separate.

How is this set up working for you?

I will let you know if this is on-air, If I haven’t forgotten to answer here by then :slight_smile:

The implementation has become a little more difficult, because you have to break down to the smallest measurable unit in a deployment.

It turned out that the roll-up plugin is not helpful because goals and funnels were not integrated in the roll-up plugin.

I’m now thinking of a service worker multiplying pwiki.php requests, but I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go.