Benefits compared to Google Analytics

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Hi -

I am a newbie here so apologies if this isn’t the best place to post.

We have a Wordpress based website ( and we use Google Analytics for website statistics. I was looking to display the website statistics directly into Wordpress Admin area when I came across Piwik. We are thinking of using WP-Piwik plugin as it seems to solve our requirement. I have a basic question:

What features (if any) does Piwik offer that are not available in Google Analytics?

I know Piwik is trying to be o be an open source alternative to Google Analytics but does it have anything extra that is currently not available in Analytics?

Many thanks.

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I don´t know anything special, what GA has not.

But with Piwik you have your analytics on your own server and don´t have to send data to Google. That´s the main reason why I use Piwik.

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and piwik is real-time stat :slight_smile: