Behaviour of deleting old logs

(Stephan Fischer) #1

Hi there,

first of all thanks for 1.5, works great as usual and I’m excited about the new features.
Just one question about the automatic deleting of old logs: If I set up a 100-day-limit, is that just for the current site (ID=1 for example) or for all sites?

Or, better explained: On one site I don’t need much data, 30 days are enough - but in another case there’s a need of statictics about… lets say a whole year.

Is that possible?

(Peterbo) #2

The delete interval is set for all pages. All data logged before the configured interval in the raw log table will be deleted. But this has nothing to do with the processed data on which the reportings are based. Make sure you setup an archiving cron job that processes the data without gaps.

So you can be sure all data from the raw log tables have been stored in other tables and the reports all work well even for the deleted period.

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

also, it affects ALL websites, not possible to set per website limit