Behavior - pages - browser times out on large websites

We have a site with ca 25 000 users pr day. When we want to see data on Behavior - pages, the data never comes since its alot of pages that needs to load and for som reason it is set to show all rows instead of 25 or 50. And there are now way to change this since the data never comes and the site just crashes after a wait. The browser just times out. What can we do? Anyone that can help?

Hi! We had the same problem. What time period did you select? We fixed it by selecting a single day with the least amount of tracked users like the current day. If that page is loaded you can change the row limit again.


Thank you for that advise Florian! Yes it was set to 1 month. I was able to fix it by selecting day as you recommended. :slight_smile: But I really wonder why this filter and the others are way down at the bottom instead of showing at the top that makes much more sense. :man_shrugging:

Hi @Tor_Helge_Mattland
You can add a suggestion to the Matomo GitHub repo: